1. Click on the ‘Add items’ button in the bottom right corner

2. Select ‘Embed media’

This will add a video placeholder to the top left corner of the board.

3. Copy the video’s address to your clipboard

Select the URL in your browser’s address bar, and hit CMD+C (Mac) or CTRL+C (PC) to copy it to your clipboard.

You need to get the web address from the service that hosts the video, so if it’s already been embedded on a blog or something, click through to the original and copy that address.

4. Paste the video’s address into the placeholder

Hit CMD+V (Mac) or CTRL+V (PC) to paste the address into the video placeholder, then hit return or press the ‘done’ button.

Niice will run off to grab the video for you and embed it in your board, ready to play.

. . . 

Supported services

You can embed videos from the following services:

  • Youtube (includes live feeds)
  • Vimeo (includes private videos) 
  • Instagram
  • Vine
  • Dailymotion

Need to embed from a service we don’t support yet? Let us know!

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