Every board you create is private by default. Invite people to it so they can view & edit the board with you.

There are two main ways to add people to your board.

1. Invite people individually

Go to 'Add people to this board' at the top left of the page

Choose 'Team member'

Select people who are already on your team or invite new team members by typing in their email address. Once you've done that, hit 'Send Invites' and 'Save Selection'. The team members will be notified by email that you've invited them to join the board. 

💡Enter multiple email addresses by separating them with a comma

2. Change your board to 'team mode' so anyone on your team can join

The board switcher allows you to switch your board from 'private' mode to 'team' mode with just one click.

Simply go to the padlock icon and choose 'Team'. To set it back to private, hit 'Private'.

This will open the board to anyone on your team who wants to join. All they have to do is go to the board and hit 'Join Board'.

When people join the board, their avatar will pop up at the top of the board, just like this...

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