When you've finished your board you can share it for review. Firstly, click the 'Share' icon at the top right of the board. 

Then type in the email address of the person you'd like to send the board to. The reviewer doesn't need to have a Niice account to view your board.

💡If you'd like to send the board to multiple reviewers, separate each email address with a comma.  


Select what action you'd like your reviewers to take. They can:

View & add comments
Check this box if you'd like the reviewer to be able to leave comments on your board (you'll be notified when they do so you can respond). 

Star items
This lets the reviewer 'like' their favourites (i.e. if they are choosing selects from a contact sheet). 

Download images
If you'd like your reviewer to be able to download the original high res image, check this box. 

You can select one box, or all three if you like; and If you leave all of the boxes unchecked, the reviewer will see a read-only version of your board. Reviewers can't add, edit or delete content from a board.  

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