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You can tag your board items with specific keywords so you can easily filter them in Library.

  1. Press & hold SHIFT and select the items you wish to tag. (If you want to select all board items, press SHIFT and click ‘Select All’ in the pop up drawer at the bottom of the screen).

  2. Click ‘Add Tags’ at the bottom left of the pop up drawer.

  3. Type in your tag/s

  4. Click the tick icon at the right side

  5. Hit ‘Cancel’ to exit the pop up drawer

Your items will now be tagged. You can search for them easily in Library:

  1. Go to the 3 line icon at the top left of the home screen

  2. Select ‘Library’

  3. In the search bar menu on the left, click ‘All’ and choose ‘My Library’

  4. Type in your tags

You will now see all items with that tag.

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