Copy board items

Copy items from one board to another

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Easily copy content from one board to another with our copy to feature.ย 

Click on the "..." icon on the item and hit "Copy to". You can then search for the board name and tick the box beside the board you'd like to copy the item to. You can choose more than board if you like.

๐Ÿ’ก Copying an item doesn't remove it from the original board

Bulk copy to

Sometimes you might need to copy a bunch of items to another board. The video below will show you how:

1. Hold down SHIFT and select the first file you want to copy (it will highlight in green)
2. Release SHIFT and continue to select images to copy (or hit 'Select All' in the pop up drawer if you'd like to select everything on the board).
3. Hit 'Copy items' in the pop-up drawer
4. Select the board you'd like to copy the images to

If you'd like to copy images to a new board, create the board first and give it a name so it appears on this dropdown list.

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