Sub-boards are like sub-folders, use them to keep your workspace organised

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Sub-boards enable you to ‘nest’ boards inside each other like folders, but you can still rearrange and resize them like any other item in your layouts.

Whether you want to present 3 different directions at once, create a home for a project, or separate your inspiration boards from work in progress, sub-boards help you keep everything organised.

Copy items to a sub-board

Here's how you can bulk copy board items and place them into a sub-board that will sit within the parent board...

  1. Hover over an image and hit the SHIFT button, you'll then see a pop-up drawer at the bottom of the screen.

  2. Select the image, release the SHIFT button and continue to select the images you want to move to a sub-board. These will highlight in green.

  3. Select 'Add to sub-board' to the right of the pop-up drawer

  4. Name your board

Add an existing board as a sub-board

You might want to add an existing board to a parent board, here's how...

1. Go to the board you'd like to add the sub-board to
2. Click the '+' icon at the bottom right of the board
3. Drag in the 'Add a sub-board' icon
4. Below the template options you'll see an option to 'Add an existing board'
5. Choose the board you would like to add (you can add several at once if you wish)
6. Click 'Add board'

Your new sub-board will then sit within the parent board. You can move it and use the toggle handles to resize it and position it anywhere within your layout.

Add an empty sub-board

If you want to start from scratch, you can add a blank sub-board. 

  1. Go to the '+' icon at the bottom right of the board and drag in the sub-board icon

3. Choose a template (if needed)
4. Name your board 

You can add images to it as normal either by drag & drop, Library Search or the browser extension.

Learn how to copy items from any existing board into a sub-board

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