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Move, crop & resize images
Move, crop & resize images

Now you've got a bunch of content on a board you can start experimenting with layouts.

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Imagine the board is like a grid, when you drop content onto the board it will automatically arrange the items and create an initial layout within the columns of that grid. There will no blank spaces as your content will float upwards to fill space, just like upside down Tetris!

The grid makes it easy to create layouts quickly and easily without spending hours lining things up. For example, you might want to resize key reference images to make them more prominent before a discussion around them or rearrange images into aesthetic groups to experiment with different directions for a campaign. 

Move items 

You can easily move things around the grid with simple drag & drop. Notice how images 'snap' to the grid columns and the images within that column move down to make room for it. 

💡Tip: If you have a large board and you need to quickly move an item from one place to another, zoom out so you have a better view.

Crop items

If you'd like to manually resize your images you can use the grab handles and they will snap into place within the grid columns. It also works for video, so you can quickly see what something will look like landscape, portrait or square. 

If you crop text block, a scrollbar will appear when there isn’t enough room to see all the text at once. You can adjust the height of an item very precisely (unless autocrop is enabled), but the width will always ‘snap to’ the nearest column edge.

Scale items

You can scale items up in proportion by hitting the ‘enlarge’ button. This will scale the item up by one column. If you hold the ALT key, it turns the ‘Enlarge’ button into a ‘Reduce’ button, which when you hit it scales the item down by one column.

If your board has gutters, you can still make an item go ‘full-bleed’ (stretch edge-to-edge) by hitting ‘enlarge’ when the item is already taking up all the columns.

💡Tip: If you'd like more flexibility with your layout you can add more columns. The more columns you have, the more images you can fit to a row (the default number of columns is 6). Here's an example of changing the number of columns from 6, to 8. 

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