Niice Boards were originally designed for moodboarding. However, by the time we built a custom layout engine, live collaboration features, and fully customisable styles we started to realise they were capable of much more. 

Think of them as a cross between Pinterest & Google Docs, with some InDesign thrown in. They enable teams to have visual discussions without having to spend hours lining up images or emailing huge files back and forth, when all they want is a simple discussion or to get sign-off on something. 

Are you ready for a new approach to creative discussion? Let's get started!

The Board

Our grid works like upside down Tetris, so when you drag images onto the board they will automatically fall into place within the columns. You don't need to spend time lining things up. 

📖Learn more about moving & resizing board items

Add a title and description at the top so your team knows what your board is about.

if you need to quickly navigate to any of your other boards, you can do so in the side panel. 

Adding people to boards

New invitees are assigned a 'Guest' role by default, which means they only have access to boards they're invited to by team members. If you change their role to 'Team Member', they'll be able to view & join team boards without being invited, and can create their own boards.

Click here to find out more about adding people to boards and their roles.

Board options

At the top right of the board you'll find options to share your board for review, export, style your board, see an overview of the comments on the board and zoom in and out.

The '+' icon bottom right is where you'll find tools to add content. You'll be able to add a sub-board from here (which is like a sub-folder), add text blocks, embed media or upload images. Simply drag an icon onto the area on the board where you'd like to add the content. 

💡Tip: If you need to drag a lot of images at once, select them all in whatever folder they're in on your computer and drag them directly onto the board. 

Within the '...' dropdown to the top left you will find options to sort your content by latest/oldest, shuffle, hide the header and show filenames on hover (which is useful for contact sheets, for example). 

Bulk actions

If you hit 'SHIFT' you'll see a drawer pop up at the bottom of the board. 

You can do bulk actions here such as download as ZIP, copy to, or add to sub-board. Simply hit 'select all' like I've done here, or click which items you want while holding down the shift key (the items you select will highlight in green).

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