The best way to get started is by grabbing a ton of images from a folder on your computer and dragging them directly onto the board. Just like this...

The images will then fall into place within the grid. Just make sure you wait until the progress bar at the top of the board has finished loading before closing the board.Β 

Move items

You can move items around the board by grabbing them, like this...

As you can see, the image directly below the one I moved repositioned itself within the column, and the image below where I moved it to has shifted down (just like upside down Tetris!).

πŸ’‘Tip: Zoom out if you need to quickly move an item from bottom to top

Use the toggle at the top of the board, hit β€˜-’ or β€˜+’ to zoom in and out, or use the number keys to jump to a particular zoom level (e.g. β€˜5’ = 50%)

Resize items

Scale items up proportionally by clicking the 'Enlarge' icon, and to scale back down again, hit the 'ALT' or 'Option' key.Β 

Grab handles

Resize your images manually using the grab handles. Notice they will 'snap' into place within the grid columns.Β 

πŸ’‘If you need more flexibility over the size of your images and how many images fit to a row, you can change the number of columns within the grid.

Open the style palette at the top right of the board (paintbrush icon), and type in how many columns you want (the default is 6).

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