💡Learn how to share a board for review 

Once you've sent the board to the reviewer they will receive a plain-text email, there is no mention of Niice and they will only see the message you specified. If they tap on the link, they will be directed to the board. 

Reviewers can view the board on any device, but here's an example of what it looks like on a phone:

Then they can take the action you specified in the share for review screen, whether that's to comment on, star or download items (or all three). 

💡Learn about the different kinds of feedback you can ask for

Here's an example of what you see on the left, and what the reviewer can see when you've shared the board with them if you only tick the 'star items' box. Any other UI is removed for simplicity. 

You'll get an email notification when they have opened the board (this box is checked by default in the share for review screen) and receive in-board notifications when there is new activity. 

Learn how to export your board as a PDF

Learn how to see all board activity using the Activity Panel

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