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Learn how to share your board for review to get feedback

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Specific feedback is the best kind of feedback, so we've built our share for review feature to help you cut down the amount of noise and unnecessary back-and-forth that happens when working on a project. 

Sometimes we can be too vague and don't specify what kind of feedback we need, so we spend time discussing things we didn't intend to discuss. Being clear on what feedback we need gives everyone more clarity and understanding,

There are three different actions you can ask reviewers to take. 

Star, comment & download items

View & add comments
They can leave comments on board items

Star items
They can 'like' items (i.e. if they are choosing selects from a contact sheet)

Download images
They can download the original high res files 

Firstly, click the 'Share' icon at the top right of the board. 

Then type the email address of the person you'd like to send the board to, (if there are multiple reviewers you can separate the email addresses with a comma). You can also edit the email body and subject line if you wish. 

Now you can select what feedback you'd like to receive. You can choose one option, or all three if you like, and if you leave all of the boxes unchecked the reviewer will receive a read-only version of the board. Reviewers can't edit (I.e. add or remove) content on the board. 

Hit 'send' and the reviewer will receive an email with the board link attached.
All they have to do is click the link to view the board on any device, whether that's a laptop, tablet or phone.

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