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Learn about starring items on boards

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Requesting feedback

The star items feature is useful when you just need a simple 'yes' or 'no'. Learn how to request feedback with share for review.


Stakeholders can view your board and star items on the go, on any device. Click here to see what a request for feedback looks like on their end. 

Board Editors

Anyone that can edit can board can also star items within it. This is useful if you or your team want to star your favourites or if you're making selects from a contact sheet, for example. 

Click on the '...' icon on an item and click 'Star Item'

A star icon will then pop up at the top right corner of the image. To unstar, go to the '...' icon again and click 'Unstar Item'. The star at the top right corner will then disappear. 

To see who has starred an item, just hover over the starred badge and you'll see the names pop up.

Activity Panel

This is useful if you need to see all activity on a board, including who has starred what. You can then choose to either download all starred items or add them to a sub-board that is nestled within the main parent board.  Check it out here

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