The activity panel gives you an overview of all board activity so you can keep track of everything that is happening on the board. 

In 'All activity' you'll see a list of every action from uploaded images and starred items, to invited team members. You can use the filters in the dropdown menu to see actions specifically about comments or starring.


Here you'll find a list of the comments that have been made by team members and reviewers. If you'd like to learn more about comments & annotations and how to have a discussion on a board, click here

Starred items

Here you'll find a list of items that reviewers have starred. 

At the bottom there are options to 'Copy to sub-board' and 'Download all'. This is useful if you want to keep the starred shots separate from the rest of the board or you need to download the selected high res files for editing. 

💡Click here to learn more about sub-boards.

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