In this article, i'll show you how to add people to your board and set their role 😊

Add people

Click on the "Add People" icon at the top of the board and type in the email address of the person you'd like to add. You can add multiple people at once by separating the email address with a comma (if they're already on your team, their name will pop up as you type). 

Access levels

You can then set what kind of access you'd like them to have, just remember that whatever level of access you choose will be assigned to everyone in the "To" field. Here are the four different levels of access:

  • Full Access - They have full editing capability and can share the board with others (I.e. they can add other people to the board).
  • Can Edit - An editor has full editing capability, but they're not able to share the board with others.
  • Can Review - Reviewers can't edit the board, but they can comment on, star, and download board items (useful if you need feedback on work).
  • Read Only - "Subscribers" can view the board and download items (useful for final asset delivery)

Once you've selected a role, hit "Send" and they'll receive a an invite by email 📩

Adding someone new to your workspace

If you add someone new who isn't yet part of your workspace, this dialogue box will pop up. You can choose to add them a team member so they can create their own boards and join any team boards, or you can keep them as a guest so they can only view whatever boards they're invited to.

Changing roles

As a board owner, you can change anyone's role at any time. Click on their avatar, click the dropdown menu and choose which role you'd like to change them to.

Removing access

You can remove anyone's access to the board by clicking on their avatar and selecting "Remove Access"

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