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Niice plugin for Adobe XD
Niice plugin for Adobe XD

Upload work directly to Niice and discuss it with your team in real-time

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Share your work in progress or final designs from XD directly to a Niice board, and get feedback from your team in real-time.

Ensure you have Adobe XD installed on your computer before you begin.


  1. Click the "+" in the top left corner beside "Plugins"

2. Type "Niice" into the search bar and click to install it

3. Sign in to Niice or create a new account

How it works

  1. Use the dropdown arrow to search for the board you'd like to upload work to

2. Select the designs you'd like to upload and click "Upload selection" in the bottom left

3. Open the board to start a discussion with your team

💡Learn how to add comments & annotations and how to add your team 

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