In this article, I'll give you a quick overview of sections and link to other articles about them so you can go into more depth.

What are sections?

Creative projects start simple, but they soon get messy and chaotic. A folder-like structure can help initially, but the more work you have, the more you have to click in and out of sub-boards to find what you're looking for.

Board sections are a great way to organise board content so you can easily navigate your entire project. Imagine dividing up different parts of your project and being able to quickly jump to those different parts directly from the navbar - that's where sections come in.

Useful links:

Create a new section

Learn how to create a new blank section or use a section template

Adding titles to your sections

Adjust the alignment of section titles

Change the height of a section header

Hiding a section header

The sections navbar

Rename sections

Reorder sections

Hide sections from the navigation

Adjust the grid options

Learn how to change columns and gutters for each section to create more complex layouts

Remove a section

Learn how to permanently remove a section

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