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Learn how to add clickable URL and email links to your board

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You can add a link to your board that directs to things like a web address, an email, spreadsheet, or PDF document. Here's how:

Paste a link

You can add a clickable URL to a board by pasting it into a text block.

Add a link to existing text

In some cases, you might not want the full URL link on your board, but you might want to add the link to a line of text instead.

Copy the link to your clipboard, highlight the text you wish to add the link to, then click the link icon. Next, paste in the link and hit "enter" on your keyboard. This will add your link to the text and make it clickable.

Create an email link

A "mailto" link is clickable text that automatically opens a new email in the reader's email client (like Outlook or Gmail) and auto-fills to "To" email address.

To create a mailto link, highlight the text you want to link and click the link icon. In the box, type in "mailto:" followed by the email address (with no spaces), then hit the "enter" key. 

Remove link

You can remove the link by deleting it, just like how you'd delete any kind of text.

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