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Features to help you with remote creative collaboration

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In this article i'll show you two features to help with remote creative collaboration: Presence indicator and live cursors. 

Presence indicator

The presence indicator lets you see at a glance who is currently viewing a board with you.

Hover over your team's avatars at the top of the board to see who's "active" or "inactive". Active users will appear first in the list, and inactive users will appear to the end of the list (they'll also be slightly greyed out).

Live cursors

When there's more than one person on a board you'll notice their cursors pop in. You'll then be able to watch their actions on the board in real-time.

Live cursors are a useful way to provide context to the discussion as you can wiggle your cursor over an item you want to draw attention to, or walk through work by following along with people’s movements. It also allows you to have visibility over which part of a project people are working on. 

You don't need to do anything to activate live cursors, all you need to do is be on the same board as someone else and you'll see them pop in 😊

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