Create a new section

Learn how to create a new blank section or use a section template

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In this article, I'll show you how to create a new blank section and select a section with a template.

Create a new section

If you hover over the bottom of your board, you'll see a "+" icon fade in. Click it and choose "add a blank section". You can add as many as you need and each new section will pop in directly below the one previously added.

You can also add section template, like a moodboard, storyboard or briefing doc by selecting "Choose a template".

If you're not starting with a blank board, you can choose to add a new section above the content that's already there.

Hover over the top of the board just below the main title and the sections toolbar will pop in. Click on section options "..." and then choose "Insert new section above". This will add a new blank section to the top of your board. You can also add a section template from here if you wish.

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