In this article, I'll show you how you can add titles to your sections and change their alignment and height.

What are section headers?

The section header is a full-width text area at the top of every section. It sits above the section’s layout grid, so when new content is added it will pop in directly below the header.

When you start typing a title, it'll be reflected in the section navigation at the top of the board.

💡 Section titles are a new feature, so to avoid disrupting your layouts, any existing headers on older boards have their title hidden by default. If you’d like to add a header to one of your existing sections, simply change the section’s height to ‘auto’, and the header will pop in at the top.

Change the alignment of a section header

Just like with text blocks, you can toggle the alignment of the section title and description, so you can choose to have your heading left, right or centre aligned.

If you’ve set a minimum height for the header (e.g. 50%), you can also switch the vertical alignment of the header text between top, bottom and centre.

Change the height of the section header

You can give your title a little more impact by adjusting the header height. By default, the header height is set to ‘Auto’, which means it will be as tall as the content within it. As you type, you'll notice the content being pushed downwards.

If you select 33%, 50% or 100%, the header will always be at least that height (relative to your browser window).

Hiding a section header

If you’d like to hide the section header, so only the section’s grid area is visible, select ‘Hidden’ from the height options.

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