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Rename, reorder and set the background color on sections

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In this article, I'll show you how to:

  • Rename a section

  • Reorder sections on your board

  • Customise your section background color

  • Adjust the number of columns in a section and the gutter %

  • Hide a section from the navigation

The sections navigation

When a board has more than one section, the sections navigation will appear at the top. If you’re logged in and editing the board it will just list the sections, but when your board is viewed by reviewers the navbar will show the board name and logo (if it has one), even on mobile.

💡 You can choose to hide the navbar if you don't need it by opening board options (…) and selecting ‘hide sections navigation’.

Renaming a section

A section will be named based on the first text element in the section's heading, but you can edit the section label and rename it if you wish. The new section name will then be updated in the navbar.

Reordering sections

Rearrange sections by clicking on the "move up" or "move down" arrows on the toolbar. You'll see the new order reflected in the board navigation.

Section background colors

Customise the background colour for each section with the color picker. If you’ve set up your brand colors in settings, you’ll see them appear at the top so they’re only a click away.

Section grid options

The number of columns and gutter % can be adjusted for each section. This means you can have one section that has 6 columns and 2% gutter, followed by another section with 10 columns and no gutter if need be. Try out multiple combinations to see what kind of layouts you can create.

Hover over the sections toolbar, click on section options "..." and choose how many columns you need, or adjust the gutter percentage to change the spacing between items.

Hide a section from the navigation

You might not want every section to appear in the navigation at the top of the board. To hide a section, go to the "..." dropdown on the section you want to hide and select "hide in navigation". This will hide the section from the board navigation for yourself, and anyone else who will be viewing the board.

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