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Manage your boards from the sidebar

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In this article, I'll show you how you can manage your boards directly from the sidebar

Board options

You can quickly make changes to your boards by clicking the "..." icon in the sidebar. From here, you can rename a board, set a thumbnail image, duplicate a board or add a sub-board.

Create a new board or sub-board

To create a new board, open the sidebar and click the "+" icon just above the board search bar. To create a new sub-board, click the '...' icon on the parent board that you'd like to add the sub-board to and select "Create new sub-board"

Rename a board

Click the "..." icon and select "Rename board". Type in the new board name and hit enter (or click "Save changes")

Set a board thumbnail

Click the "..." icon, select "Set thumbnail" and upload an image file from your desktop

Duplicate a board

Click the "..." icon and select "Duplicate board", the new board will then appear on the list above the original board.

Manage boards

Move boards into one another to rearrange them from the sidebar, just like how you'd arrange folders on your desktop. There’s no limit to how many boards you can nest within each other, so you can have as deep a hierarchy as you need.

💡 If you drag a board over a parent board and hold it, the parent board will expand so you can drop it into one of its sub-boards

Move sub-boards to the top level

If you'd like to move a sub-board out to the top-level, all you have to do is click and drag it out of its parent board and drop it into the top of the list (the "Boards" heading). Your board will then come up in the main boards list in your sidebar.

View recent boards

You can see your 3 most recently visited boards at the top of the sidebar, so you can quickly navigate between them.

Sub-boards toggle

Click the arrows beside parent boards to reveal the sub-boards inside. You can expand these to see all of your boards (they will stay expanded that until you decide to close them again), or you can choose to keep them stacked for a more simplified view.

💡 Remember, any changes you make to a board will update in real-time for anyone who is a member of that board.

Board search

If you're looking for a board, simply type the name of the board into the search bar and you'll see search results pop up as you type.

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