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Upload your logo and choose a cover layout for your board

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Here's how you can dress up your board and make an impact at first glance:

Header toolbar

If you hover over the header area, you'll notice the header toolbar pop up. You can use the options here to dress up your board and set the scene for what the board is about

Header toolbar

Add a logo

Upload your brand logo from your desktop, replace it with an updated version or remove it.

Resize your logo

You can manually scale your logo to any size, while keeping its ratio. All you need to do is hover over it until the resize handles appear in the corners, and click and drag on one of them to scale the logo up or down.

Choose a cover layout

Once you upload a cover image, you can easily switch between a selection of pre-designed cover layouts. You can choose a simple layout to add a little flair, or opt for a full bleed cover that completely transforms the look & feel of your board.

Heading alignment

Go to the header toolbar and click to toggle the alignment of your logo, title and description.

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