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How to open the Developer Console
How to open the Developer Console

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What is the Developer Console?

The developer console logs all the information associated with a web page, such as HTML, JavaScript, network requests and errors. Screenshots of errors (usually highlighted in red) in the console can be extremely useful when the product team are trying to solve a technical issue.

Opening the Console in different browsers

It's really easy to open the console in whatever browser you're using. Below, you'll find instructions for each of the most popular browsers:


To open the console on Chrome, use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl Shift J on Windows or Cmd Option J on Mac. Alternatively, you can go to the Chrome menu in the top right of the browser window, select More Tools and then select Developer Tools.


To open the console on Firefox, use the keyboard shortcut Cmd Shift K on Windows or Cmd Option K on Mac. Alternatively, click Tools in the menu bar, navigate to Web Developer and then select Web Console.


To open the console on Safari, you will need to turn on the Develop menu. To do this, open the Safari menu and select Preferences.

In Preferences, navigate to the Advanced tab, then check the "Show Develop menu in the menu bar" box.

The Develop menu will now be enabled. Go to the Develop menu in the menu bar and then select the "Show JavaScript Console" option.

Alternatively, you can use the keyboard shortcut Option Cmd C, but you will need to enable the Develop menu in your Safari Preferences for this shortcut to work.


To open the developer console in Microsoft Edge, open the Edge Menu in the browser window, select F12 Developer Tools and navigate to the Console tab

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