Bulk actions panel

Download, delete, tag & copy content from one board to another, at scale.

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As your boards grow you need a quick & easy way to cut down on repetitive tasks. With bulk actions you can easily download, delete, tag and copy content from one board to another, at scale.

How it works

Hold down SHIFT and click on the items you'd like to select. You'll then see a preview of them drop into the selection panel.

Selection mode

If you need to browse and click on lots of items you can "lock in" selection mode so you don't need to hold SHIFT. All you have to do is click the selection mode toggle in the black bar at the bottom of your screen.

Selection actions

Once you've made your selections, there are a few different actions you can take:


Downloads your selected items in a ZIP file directly to your desktop.

Copy to

Select one or more boards to copy your selected items to.

Add to new board

Automatically creates a new sub-board and copies your selected items to it.

Tag items

Tag selected items to make them more searchable. You can add as many as you like: simply type the tag and hit return to confirm it, then click ‘add tags’ to apply them to your selection.


Delete selected items in bulk.

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