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Themes make it really easy to apply your brand to a board, so you don't have to play around with fonts and colors for every new board you create. Here's how they work:

Selecting a theme

We have a selection of pre-designed themes to help you get started.

  1. Open the Board Options menu (...)

  2. Click on the themes dropdown

  3. Select a theme by clicking on it

Your new theme will be applied and saved automatically.

Customising a theme

If you have a theme selected, you can tweak it and save the updated version. Here's how:

Once you edit a theme's font or color you'll see an option to save custom styles. If you'd like to save your updated theme, click "Save as".

You then have the option to apply the new styles to the current theme (which will override the theme's default styles) or you can create a brand new theme.

If you choose to create a new theme you'll be able to name it and then it'll be added to your list of themes.

Revert changes

If you'd like to remove your edits to a theme you can click "revert" and the theme will switch back to its default styles.

Theme options

Within theme options you can do the following:

Set theme as default

Choose to set a theme as your default theme.

Rename theme

Type in a new name for your theme and click "Rename theme". The new name will be reflected in your themes list.

Duplicate a theme

Duplicate a theme if you want to make edits without overriding the style options on the theme you're on. You also have the option to set the duplicated theme as your default theme.

Delete a theme

Permanently delete a theme you don't need anymore. This cannot be undone.

Create a new theme

If you've edited your board styles to reflect your brand you can save them as a theme that you can select on any of your boards, existing and new.

Give your theme a name so it's easily identifiable in your themes list.

If you have a logo at the top of your board, you have the option to save this logo to your theme so you don't need to re-upload it every time you create a new board.

You can also set your new theme as the default theme.

Once you're done, click "Create theme" and your new theme will be added to your themes list.

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