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Create & manage multiple client hubs
Create & manage multiple client hubs

How agencies can set up hubs for their clients and manage them all in one view

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If you're signed in to more than one hub, you can use our multi-hub feature to view and switch between them. This is useful if you're an agency and need to manage multiple client accounts, without having to log in and out. Or, if you'd like to have a hub for personal projects that's separate from your primary work hub.

How it works

Create and link multiple hubs

  1. When you've signed in to your primary account, click on your avatar dropdown in the top right corner and click "Create new hub"

  2. You'll then be directed to the sign up screen. You can use your existing log-in credentials if you wish

  3. Go through the set up steps and apply customisation for the new hub (If you're setting up a hub for your client, set their brand name, colour and upload their logo)

  4. You'll then land on the new hub's dashboard. You can repeat this process and create as many hubs as you wish.

Switch between hubs

To switch back to a previous hub, go to the dropdown in the top right and click whatever hub you'd like to log in to.

The hub portal

For security, when you log out and want to log back in again, you'll be asked to enter your credentials and sign-in code. You'll then see your hub portal, where you can view and log in to any of your hubs

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