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Make your hub as unique as your brand

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Give your hub a name, set your colors, upload a logo and choose a button style that suits your brand.

To customise your hub, go to your avatar at the top right and click "Settings". Then choose "Customise Hub" in the left panel.

Alternatively you can hover over the header area on your dashboard and click on "Customise Hub".


Naming your hub

Choose a name for your hub that your team will recognise. For example, Brand Hub, Creative Hub, or Distributor Portal. Your new hub name will appear on your dashboard and sign-in screen.


Pro users can customise their brand hub link to make it more recognisable.


Upload light and dark versions of your brand logo to suit every background. Simply click "Select file" and upload the logos from your desktop.

πŸ’‘ Logos can be uploaded in JPEG, PNG or SVG format


Use the color picker or copy and paste the hex code to set brand colors for the following:

  • Primary brand color (used throughout your hub)

  • Buttons

  • Sidebar (the main sidebar that pops out from the left of the screen)

  • Sign-in page

  • Dashboard

  • Activity pips

  • Space navigation (if you're on the Niice early access beta)


Choose exactly how rounded you'd like your buttons to appear and click "Save button style" to lock in your changes.


Set the width of your logo in the sidebar and click "Save logo size" to save your changes.

Screen

Add a JPG, PNG or GIF background image to your sign-in screen. Simply hit "Select file" and upload directly from your desktop.

πŸ’‘ For best results, please make sure the file you upload is at least 1200px wide.

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