The text toolbar gives you easy access to text tools like heading styles, font color, task lists and URL embeds. Here's how it works:

Click or highlight (cmd + A) some text and you'll see the text toolbar appear.

Select a heading style

Once you've highlighted the text you'd like to change, click on the headings dropdown and choose a heading style. You can click "plain text" to switch back to normal paragraph text.

Add a link

Type or paste a URL and hit return to turn a line of text into a clickable link.

Text formatting

Bold, italicise or strikethrough text.

Create a list

Hit return after each text line to create an ordered list.

Create a bulleted list

Hit return after each bullet point to create a bulleted list.

Create a task list

Use a task list to keep track of to-dos, priorities and actions.


Use the color picker to choose a font color or type/paste in a hex code and hit return.

If you have set your brand colors in Customise on the settings page, you'll see a shortcut to choose these colors just above the color picker.

๐Ÿ’ก You can also select font color in the text styles palette in board options.

More options

Clicking on the More options icon will open the text styles palette where you can choose heading styles, fonts, font size and get into the nitty gritty of line, character and paragraph spacing.

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