From the Board Options menu you can browse, manage & create themes, edit styles, manage board settings, and more.

Upload a thumbnail

Having a board thumbnail allows you to spot your board easily when you're scrolling your dashboard.

A thumbnail will automatically generate if you have content on the board, but if you'd like to override it, simply click "Replace thumbnail" and choose an image from your desktop.


Themes are a great way to customise your board so it's on brand. You can edit pre-designed themes or create your own from scratch.

Board Styles

Change the background color and spacing between items on your board.


Set the background color of your board by typing/pasting in the hex code or using the color picker.

If you have set your brand colors in Customise on the settings page, you'll be able to use the shortcut above the color picker to choose them.


Set the spacing between board items between 0% and 10%. 2% is a good default for most use cases.

πŸ’‘ The number of columns can now only be set at a section level, not board level.

Text styles

Edit text styles, fonts, and more using the text styles palette. You can also open text styles from the text toolbar.

Heading styles

Highlight the text you'd like to switch to a heading, click on the headings dropdown and choose a heading style. You can click "plain text" to switch back to normal paragraph text.

πŸ’‘ You can also change the heading style using the text toolbar.

When you're focused on a heading style you can change things like the font, color and spacing. Here's how:

Font options

Select a font, choose a size and change the color.

Font selection

Scroll or search for the name of a font in the fonts dropdown

Font size

Type a font size in pixels

Font color

Set the text color by typing/pasting in the hex code or using the color picker. If you have set your brand colors in Customise on the settings page, you'll see a shortcut to choose these colors just above the color picker.

πŸ’‘ You can also change the font color using the text toolbar.

Text spacing

Learn how to adjust the line height, letter and paragraph spacing.

Line height

When you select a font size the line height will be calculated automatically, but it can be easily overridden with any value you want.

Letter spacing

Letter spacing is set to 0% by default but you can input a value or use the sliding toggle to override it.

Paragraph spacing

This sets the distance between two paragraphs of text. You can choose a value between 0px and 100px.

Letter case

A list of different case types


Within settings on the Board Options menu you'll find toggles for the following:

When you toggle these options on or off you'll see the board update in real-time.

Bulk select

Select a bunch of items and choose to either add tags, copy them to another board, add them to a new board or remove them, in bulk. Click here to learn more.

Archive board

Click "archive board" if you'd like to remove your board from your dashboard. Learn how to permanently delete or restore a board.

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