Board sections are a great way to structure your creative project, here's how:

Create a section

Quickly add section templates for a generic grid layout, storyboard, social dimensions, brief, whatever it may be. This will help you structure your project and have a clear view of everything within it. 

Click the ‘+’ button at the bottom of the board and select a section template. We’ve made it so you can stack them easily and add a dozen sections with a few clicks, if you need to.

You can also add a blank section so you can drag and drop files directly from your desktop. Go to the ‘+’ button at the bottom of the board and select “add blank section”

Sections Toolbar

Within the sections toolbar you’ll find options to rename, reorder or remove a section, and an option to add a new section above. Remember all changes are saved instantly, so if someone else is viewing the board they’ll see the updates in real-time.


By default, a section will be named based on its order (e.g. “Section 2”), but you can click the name on the toolbar to rename it if you wish. The section name will then be updated in the nav bar at the top of the board.


You can quickly rearrange the order of sections by clicking on the up/down arrows on the toolbar. The nav bar at the top will then update to reflect the new order.


To remove a section, click on the ‘…’ icon in the toolbar and select ‘Remove section’. Just remember all the content in that section will also be removed, and this can’t be undone, so tread carefully!

Add above

You can also add a new section above an existing section. All you have to do is click the ‘…’ icon and select ‘add new section above’. This saves you from having to add a new section at the bottom of the board and then move it all the way up to where you want it. 

The Nav bar

When a board has more than one section, the swanky new sections navigation will appear at the top. If you’re logged in and editing the board it will just list the sections, but when your board is viewed by reviewers the nav bar will show the board name and logo (if it has one), even on mobile.

You can also choose to hide the nav bar by opening the board options (…) and selecting ‘hide sections navigation’.

Keyboard shortcuts

You can use the left and right keys to jump between sections. This can be a great way to quickly compare different options or iterations of a campaign.

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